I'm Constantly Cited for Jury Duty - What Can I Do?

Austin Lafferty Legal Tips

In the past three years. I have been cited for jury service seven times. Each time I send an exemption letter from my doctor. I think it is a waste of money. They write to me. I go to my doctor. I write to them. They then write to me. I have already sat on a jury. There must be people that have never been cited before.

The selection of potential jury members is done on a basis that is almost random. Citizens who have no knowledge of or interest in the persons involved in the trial, and therefore there can be no human intervention in selecting particular people for a particular case. Although it is a hassle to you, it is essential that the court has sufficient local people to choose from for a case in the court, and it is a civic and legal duty to attend unless you are unfit for one reason or another, so you will just have to accept it.

What if a property is sold with plans and a building warrant (passed) for a converted bathroom and a wet/shower room is installed. There was still a disagreement with building control about how it was to be done when the property was sold to me. Is it legal to withhold information known about a property if this was a source of dispute?

This should have been disclosed, though presumably no completion certificate was issued yet so your solicitor should have picked that up. There is no general rule that all disputes about a property must be disclosed, but if asked about and hidden, that is misrepresentation.

I was dismissed on ill health grounds. I am taking them to an employment tribunal and we are also seriously considering civil action. Our solicitor for the tribunal only does tribunals and does not become involved in civil cases. Can I have separate solicitors for related cases?

To select a good civil solicitor you can check with the Law Society of Scotland, which has information on what firm does what kind of work, or you can seek a recommendation from your own solicitor or another solicitor as to who are good civil/reparation solicitors. In my day all solicitors did everything, but the profession has got more specialised, and you would be best with a firm with a good track record in claiming compensation for illness arising from work.

I have worked for 10 years for a development company, and the firm was sold to another company. I was told my contract would stay the same but changes have now been brought in – holiday entitlement has been cut, meal breaks cut in half, pay date changed and I am to work unpaid overtime. If I resign, can I claim constructive dismissal?

Only if you had no alternative, and do NOT do that without consulting an employment lawyer personally. A company taking over employees is bound by the TUPE regulations that protect the employee from changes, and any changes need your consent or they are a breach of your contract. You would be best to take a grievance with the employer, keep a record of everything, consult ACAS and see that employment lawyer soon.

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