Laying Down The Law - I Left A Legacy To My Cousin In My Will But He Has Died. Do I Need To Make A New Will?

I am required to verify my identity and address in financial matters. I am unable to supply a driver's licence or passport as I hold neither. Utility bills are no longer acceptable as sole evidence, as with savings bank and building society reference. Additional reference is required, a letter of correspondence from the Pension Service is acceptable. Problem is the Pension Service letter must be not more than three months old from letter date. Is there any alternative to circumvent the continual three month requirement to obtain from the Pension Service and supply said letter?

No I don't think so. I am afraid I am on the bankers side for a change. It is essential that anyone seeking to carry out transactions or operate accounts in the financial sector is identifiable, and banks or finance bodies are responsible for other people's money, not just yours. I struggle to see why you don't want a passport, but that's your business. It is a free country, but your interests have to be balanced against other people's and institutions'.

When I worked with one of our local authorities I paid into a superannuation scheme. Will I get my contributions back when I retire?

It is only a very short letter you send me, and I would need to know a lot more to advise - though more likely I would do what I am about to do here anyway, as pensions administration and legislation are quite specialised. Contact the Strathclyde Pension scheme for information - or call 0845 213 0202.

I am a pensioner and live in a four-in-a- block on the outskirts of Glasgow. The young couple who have the upstairs flat have started turning the loft into a living space. I am worried this will do damage to the roof, and whether we should have been informed.

Check the deeds. If the couple have sole title to the roof area then they may be entitled legally to do this, but if not, they need not only your consent, but a deed of transfer of your share to themselves. Otherwise you can stop them by court order and make them reinstate the loft. But also no matter what the title position, they need a building warrant from the council to verify they are doing the work safely. So check with building control as well and report them if they are just hammering away without any permission.

I left a legacy to my cousin in my will but he has died. Do I need to make a new will?

Probably not, his legacy just dies with him, unless there is provision for someone else to get it in his place - but even there, as long as you have not changed your mind about that aspect, the will can stay as it is. Always worth revising a will every few years anyway.

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