Laying Down The Law: Can Grandchildren Dispute Grandfather's Will Under A Legal Entitlement?

My father died and our sister died in 1997 and was survived by one daughter. His will left everything to me and my brother and £1000 to three grandchildren. The solicitor said that as my sister had predeceased, her daughter was entitled to one sixth of moveable estate - £5000. We questioned this as my father was adamant this granddaughter only receive £1000.

The solicitor gave the right advice. Even if a sum is willed to child or grandchild beneficiaries, they can decline it and elect for legal rights if that is larger. As your sister predeceased, her daughter stands in her place for legal rights and can elect between the legacy and the rights payment.

I am in receipt of a letter from an alleged witness dated nearly two years after I was involved in a vehicle accident with another party. I recollect he was travelling on the wrong side of the road and would not have been in a position to witness the accident. He claims to be a retired police officer, whereas at the accident he stated he had been a van driver. He has also accused me of swearing, stating he had to calm me down. He has given a false and unflattering description of me and my passenger. As these comments have nothing to do with the accidents, can I sue him for libel?

You are under no obligation to correspond with him, and such matters should be left to your solicitor and/or insurers. As for the comments, if he has said or written something that can be seen by others that calls into question your integrity, he may be liable in financial damages, but unflattering comments are not usually actionable. Indeed taking anyone to court for defamation is risky and could potentially cost you thousands. Unless it is affecting your life or work, I would be likely to advise against taking action.

I found a £20 voucher on the floor of local shop. I handed it in but can’t imagine anyone would be able to claim it. Will I ever get a chance of receiving it?

You did the right thing, morally and legally as if you had kept it that would have been theft by finding. The shop will hand the money to the police, and then you can normally have the item back if not claimed within two months. If the police return the item to the finder, the finder must retain it until a year after they were first found.

When working my notice I asked my manager if I would be paid commission for all sales outstanding. I was advised yes and also received an email that head office confirmed this. I have not received a single penny and when I called I was told that commission is not payable when leaving employment. I was never issued terms and conditions of this clause in my contract of employment.

If you have been denied payments due you can go to the employment tribunal or sue in court. You can found on the assurances of management and if there was nothing in writing to suggest otherwise, you should get all that is earned.

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