Laying Down The Law - How Do I Trace Driver Who Scratched My Car?

I left my car in a car park and returned to find it scratched. A man gave me the registration details of the vehicle that caused the scratch. Can I get the driver's details from the DVLA?

Possibly. You can only get the name and address of the registered keeper of another vehicle if you can demonstrate "reasonable cause" for needing the information. The DVLA must consider the reasons why you need the information and how it will be used before it is given to you. There are data protection rules that stop you getting it automatically. However, if you have a legal claim that would seem to be a legitimate reason to ask. Vehicle/DG_4022067

I live in an area in which the title deeds for all the properties are the same, and don't allow owners to park caravans in or around their driveways. One of my neighbours has taken to parking three caravans outside their house, which are both an eyesore and often an obstruction to other residents. Are the deeds worth the paper they are written on or can my neighbour ignore them and me?

The title provisions are known in law as real burdens. As such, you have what is called a benefited property, and are entitled to enforce those conditions that give you rights. The caravan-owning neighbour can be made, if necessary by court order, to keep his property clear of all caravans indefinitely. He may be reluctant to inconvenience himself but tough luck on him.

I am selling my house and the surveyor who did the home report seems to have missed a dampness problem which a purchaser picked up on. The purchaser insisted on getting a specialist wood treatment report from a company and as a result wants to knock £1500 off the price or he will back out. What can I do?

If missives have not yet been concluded - ie there is not yet a mutually binding contract - the buyer has you to ransom. You can refuse to reduce the price but he can walk away. On the other hand, it sounds to me as if your surveyor has been negligent, and may be liable to you for losses sustained as a result. If missives are concluded, the sale is binding on both parties in its present form you have no requirement to renegotiate the deal with the buyer.

I have a works pension and have children from my first marriage. I have remarried and want to ensure my wife gets my pension in its entirety.

Speak to your pension administrators and check your wife is nominated as your benefits recipient. If not, there should be a form to fill out. These benefits are normally NOT part of your legal estate so stating a preference in your will is not competent.

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