Laying Down the Law: Title Deeds and Workers Compensation

How can I get hold of my title deeds and can my son get compensation after being burned at work?

THE mortgage on my home was redeemed some years ago and the bank has continued to store my title deeds at an ever increasing charge. They say that they can only release my title deeds to a solicitor (this is not the case in England). Do I really need my title deeds to be retained by a building society or solicitor, or is the land registry in Scotland the best place to get a copy when I need them?

YOUR title contains a security registered in the Land Register in the building society’s name, and this can only be released by a solicitor - for a legal fee of approximately £150 plus VAT and £60 charge by the Register.

There is also now an electronic procedure. You can get the lender to send your deeds to a solicitor and uplift them from that solicitor without discharging the security, and simply get that done as part of the process when you come to sell.

But even if you don’t or they get lost, the Register can provide duplicates at a small fee.

I HAVE a daughter who has been awarded money for a trust – she is disabled and mentally incapacitated. We would like to invest the money to buy a car for mobility, but she is over 21 and the bank will not let us deal with her bank accounts.

YOU can either seek guardianship under the Adults With Incapacity Act, or an intervention order to get control over daughter’s bank account or to move the money to yours.

Either case is a court application which, assuming supported by the relevant mental health professionals and anyone with an interest to have a say, will be granted by the sheriff allowing you do to what is in your girl’s best interests.

MY son got burned by chemicals at work. There has been an investigation but the employers have not disclosed what caused the injuries.

Thank goodness he is not permanently scarred, but I feel he should get compensation.

I AM sure he should. He ought to demand sight of the results of the tests or inquiries, and if not satisfied go to the Health and Safety Executive.

If the employers were using an unsafe system of work or had not done a proper risk assessment they may be liable.

The manufacturers of the chemicals may also/alternately be liable if there was something inherently unsafe no matter how careful the employers or your son’s co-workers were.

I APPLIED for a job and gave truthful information in answer to the questions, including one about having no court convictions. The job was offered and I started, but was sacked when they found out I am awaiting trial on a minor breach of the peace case.

I expect to be found not guilty. How can I lose the chance of a job like this?

CERTAINLY you are innocent until proved guilty so you can present as someone with a clean record.

But if the employers lawfully found out about the ongoing case, they are within their rights to refuse employment or terminate it before you qualify for statutory employment protection against dismissal.

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